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The Irhal Story

Crossing the Charles River from the Harvard Business School and walking past the John F. Kennedy School of Government towards Harvard Square, I was intrigued by a strange sign on a store window: “Please Go Away.” Moving closer I noticed that the sign continued with the word “Often.”

“Please Go Away … Often.” An apt slogan for a travel agency! This is the inspiration behind “irhal.com.”

Irhal is an Arabic word which means “Go Away.” While it may sound rude and impolite, the magic of travel comes alive with the addition of the word “often.” The niceties of “please” and “often” have been removed to make way for a short and memorable domain name, but the site aims to nurture the magic of travel.

Whenever you venture to an unknown destination you need a guide. Irhal wishes to be that guide. And when you have seen it, done that, and worn the t-shirt, we would like you to add your comments and upload your pictures so that your experiences can facilitate future travelers.

This site is meant for outbound travelers from the Middle East. Every summer hordes of expats and locals leave the region with a vengeance. Some with their families, some with just their toothbrush and a spare pair of jeans in their backpack. Irhal caters to them all. We have city guides with information on what to do with kids in tow. We also have prayer timings, mosque locations and halal food restaurants listed for those who wish to avoid non-zabiha meat and want to survive on more than just seafood and salads.

Irhal will remain a work in progress. Adding new cities. Opening new avenues for exploring the world of haute couture or hot cuisine. Sharing new discoveries. And gently dropping crumbs of information to guide those who will follow your steps.

Irhal. Often! Min fadlik (please)!

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Jaspreet Bhamrai


Jaspreet Bhamrai

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Jaspreet Bhamrai


Jaspreet Bhamrai