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3 places to explore with your family this summer

Want help in planning a family holiday this summer? Do you want to entertain the kids and yourselves? Look no further. We have put together some popular family destinations for you. All hotels below allow 2 children under 12 to stay free of charge. If you have a larger family, many of these hotels offer adjacent rooms with a connecting door. Paris, France Find the best rates for all hotels in Paris Paris has more to offer than just the Eiffel Tower. Take your children to both Disney World and Walt Disney Adventure World. There are also tons of child friendly activities in the city to keep them entertained. You can shop till you drop in the famous fashion district of Paris as well. Some of our favorite family friendly hotels in Paris: Disney’s Newport Bay Club, Disneyland, France

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Which hotel picture is a killer?

Did you book your last vacation through a hotel or online travel site? You are not unique. More people book holidays online than thru a

Unwrapping the secrets of Yangon

Peering out of the Emirates Boeing 777-300ER flight from Dubai to Yangon, you can see the lazy river. A muddy, sludgy, squidgy creek. Meandering. That

My Europe Tour – A dream come true

Written by: Zainab Das Published: 15:00 April 18, 2013 Everyone has a dream that they hope, someday, turns into a reality. My visit to Europe

Honeymoon in Thailand

My husband and I did a lot of research to select our perfect honeymoon destination. We were looking for a relaxing beach holiday where we

Junket in Muscat - flydubai team showing their prowess

Junket in Muscat

By Irfan Ahmad I was going on my first press junket.  I travel frequently but this felt different. I did not even have an airline


Beirut: the Chic City

By Bushra Alvi When my husband was invited to attend a weekend symposium in Beirut, there was no way I was going to stay behind.


Seychelles: Life in Slow Motion

By Amna Khalique Visiting Seychelles is like stepping back in time into another realm. Calm, serene, phenomenally gorgeous beaches, so many species of wildlife –


An Expat visits Bali

By Irfan Ahmad Living in Dubai has its downsides. A few years back, when we landed at Heathrow, my then five year old son looked

Cape Town: Dinner at Mama Africa

By Irfan Ahmad The bed sheets felt fresh and crisp. The duvet was inviting. The heavenly bed seemed heavenly. After a 10 hour flight to


Longyearbyen: 78 degrees North

By Irfan Ahmad It was 2:00 am when we landed. Climbing down the stairs from the aircraft we could see that the tarmac had freshly