What to do with Children in Tow

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altTehran isn’t too child-friendly overall but there are a few activities that would amuse and entertain the kids.

There is the Tehran City Theatre which showcases performances of traditional Persian dances and plays that both children and adults enjoy. Performances are normally advertised in street signs and English language newspapers.

Tehran has many beautiful parks and is one of the greenest cities in the Middle-East. The northern neighbourhoods have several parks where children can play.  Some of the parks to choose from are:
-Jamshidieh Park which is located in the Niavaran district at the base of the Kolakchal Mountain. It is definitely a highlight and vey beautifully made with ample picnic areas, several hiking trails to the top of the mountain and teahouses.
-Mellat Park is another recreation area, one of the largest in the Middle-East. It is located on Valiasr street.
-Niavaran Park is one of Tehran’s famous and most pleasant public city parks, with many water fountains and a large roller skating rink. It is located within the Niavaran district and is situated immediately south of the Niavaran Palace Complex
-Laleh Park is centrally located and surrounded by the large buildings of the National Rug Gallery, the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Ministry of Agriculture.

Tochal Sport and Recreational Complex is located at the base of Mount Tochal and is another child friendly location. A 10-15 minute metro, bus or taxi ride will get you to the gates at Meidan Tajrish, next to Tajrish square. The complex offers hiking trails, a ski resort, a large gym among other activities. The Tochal gondola lifts will be an exciting ride to the top for children. Remember to carry suitable clothing as it is quite cold at the top.

Children will also enjoy the endless mazes of the bazaar. Keep an eye on them though, so that they don’t get lost!


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