Hangngnaameedhoo Thila

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ImageHangngnaameedhoo Thila is 150 m long with hordes of various sea creatures. Broken Rock Thila is around 100 meters long and houses fusiliers, trevallies and blue-lined snappers. Hukuruelhi Faru, a great dive spot, is a fantastic manta ray cleaning station. The dive site can be reached easily from Rangali, within 10 minutes by boat, and from Mirihi Island, within 35 minutes.

In the north corner of Kaluhadhihuraa Reef lies the Kalhuhadhihuraa Faru, This channel has numerous caves and alongside this are rich corals, invertebrates like octopus, sponges and beautiful reef fishes. Bird-eye trevally, gray reef sharks, eagle reefs, manta rays and white tip reef sharks are freely swimming in the channel for visitors to watch. The Moofushi Faru, which is a 2km long reef, has caves and many marine species like whip corals, sting rays, manta rays, napoleon wrasse and sharks. There are many more dive sites in this area waiting to be discovered.

Scuba Diving in Maldives is a great experience. Almost every resort in Maldives has dive schools organizing dive safaris to some exquisite locations and sites. Diving is a perfect way to view and explore underwater species.


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